Bringing recommendation intelligence

into fixed income markets

Our goal is to add value to all market participants by enhancing connectivity, trade discoverability,
and price transparency.

The Opportunity

These frictions in fixed income markets create opportunity.

Fragmented Market

Large number of unique bonds and small number of interested participants.

Disparate Information

Broadly blasted market info results in less connections and missed opportunities.

Large Bank Dealer Changes

Less willing to use balance sheet, and only focused on the largest clients and trades.

Current Tech Solutions

Aim to disrupt infrastructure, change engrained market practices, and drive further segmentation.

The opportunity is to build technology that can enhance the existing market infrastructure, reduce frictions, and add value to all market participants.

We provide this technology.

Our Technology

Recommendation engine technologies appear in every aspect of our daily lives. They generate fast, relevant, and targeted information that focus on the needs and interests of each unique user.

Recommender System Framework

Enter Item of Interest

Allow System to Process

Rank Similar Items

Receive Relevant Information

Fixed Income

Recommender systems have fueled the growth of the largest tech and e-commerce companies in the world over the past decade.


They provide fast, relevant, and personalized information, focusing on what matters most to each user.

  • Enter Item of Interest
  • Allow System to Process
  • Rank & Tier Similar Items
  • Receive Relevant Information
  • Our Product

    Our first product applying this technology is designed to streamline and maximize the value of TRACE reporting data.

    Pilot Product in Non-Agency RMBS

    Increase Transparency

    Transaction data only exists on a small fraction of the outstanding bonds from the universe. We use our technology to relate any bond of interest (in supported markets) to its most relevant TRACE comps.

    Enhance Discoverability

    Uncover suitable alternatives that may not have been on your radar but are actively trading in the market. Our system can greatly increase your market awareness.

    Save Time

    Reduce bond search and aggregation times for Traders, Portfolio Managers, Sales, Strategy, Ops, or Risk personnel that need to quickly validate trade levels, research or make fast pricing decisions.

    Make Money

    Prevent overpaying or selling too low by using our system to assemble the most meaningful trade comps at the click of a button.

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    About Us

    Our team is composed of professionals with diverse backgrounds across fixed income sales and trading, portfolio management, data science and machine learning, software engineering, and combat tested military leadership. We are service oriented and driven to make a positive impact.

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